Hello I'm Jenn Scott

Jenn Scott is a UX designer and information professional in Pittsburgh, PA.


About Me


I’m an emerging UX designer and researcher with a background in information science and architecture, digital marketing, and content development and strategy.

My work as a content developer at a data-driven tech startup was primarily in data collection and presentation, brainstorming and designing personas and use cases for the website, and collaborating with the development team on new tools and processes based on user feedback and analytics.

In my current position as a digital marketing manager, I have worked on projects such as large-scale web content migrations, information architecture research and revisions, and user research surveys and focus groups in addition to my day-to-day work developing social media campaigns, creating and maintaining data-driven editorial calendars, and managing community across multiple social media networks. My work has won several higher education marketing industry awards.

As a recent graduate of the Drexel University Master of Science in Library & Information Science program, my coursework included topics such as human-computer interaction, research methodology, web design, content representation, organization of data & information, and information visualization.


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