Skeleton Hats Press


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It was in the Year of our Lord 2015 that I realized just how completely and utterly I had missed the boat on awesome Riot Grrl shenanigans as a high schooler. I blame this primarily on the Internet not quite having reached its full potential yet, and also on being confined to a tiny, remote island for my formative years, where the punk scene is laughably small.

So I said to myself, “Self, make some zines anyway. Zines are still a thing. And if they’re not, it’ll still be fun.”

AND THUS WAS BORN SKELETON HATS PRESS, wherein all of my zines are housed. (Photos of them, anyway. All the actual zines are in a little box in my house.)

We’re not yet to the point where I might sell these zines. Honestly, it’s mostly for fun. But if you ever see a pic of a zine and go “I must have you” just email me or something. They’re tiny, zines are. I can definitely mail you one without any major issues at the post office.

Additionally, there is another zine endeavor I’ve been working on called Zines from Buffy, where as I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer with my roommate, I am also making zines about each episode.