I’ve been chasing that flighty mistress called “getting better at using these dumb meathooks I call hands” and have been channeling this into drawing/painting/handlettering, whenever I’m not making zines. Nevertheless, here are some highlights from the gag reel called “stuff I make”.


Other online projects:

Vodka February: 28 Days of Vodka was devised by me and my roommate Amy upon realizing with horror that once again, we had not moved out of the Northeast and into warmer climes before winter was upon us. We have decided to make a new cocktail every night in the month of February 2015 to distract ourselves from the frosty wastes of the mid-Atlantic.

Nihilist Wedding Tips was born out of a really amazing Slate article that made reference to wanting practical advice for weddings from the standpoint of the void. These tips are perfect for people who’ve really just had enough wedding tips from gushing wedding planners and Anthropologie Pinterest boards. Somewhat ironically, there is also a Pinterest board.