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24 Ways You Know You’re an Adult Military Brat

1. You get that “deer in the headlights” look for a minute when someone asks you where you’re from.
2. You have to remind yourself that you’re not supposed to tip civilian baggers at the commissary grocery store.
3. You may or may not have called the liquor store the “Class Six”.
4. You know all the words to “Taps”, and you kind of miss not hearing it at 5pm on the dot every day.
5. You’ve bonded with other former military or military brats over your shared love/hate of AFN commercials.
6. You could probably fold an American flag with your eyes closed.
7. It takes you months to convince yourself to paint or put stuff up on the walls, because that TOTALLY wouldn’t pass inspection.
8. You still think of downsizing your stuff before a move in terms of meeting your “weight allowance”.
9. You knew at least one kid growing up who was American but had a foreign accent from living abroad for so long.
10. Your own accent/vocabulary is a melting pot of different regional slang and military lingo.
11. Your hand goes instantly to your heart whenever the national anthem starts playing anywhere.
12. You think any food court without a Popeye’s and a Taco Bell is basically a waste of time.
13. You can’t help but think your neighborhood would be much improved by adding an MWR.
14. You couldn’t wait to finally get your dependent ID card so you could buy candy from the Mini Mart.
15. And you mourned a little when your dependent ID card expired.
16. The smell of bilge water, gunmetal, and diesel fuel reminds you of your childhood.
17. You’re completely befuddled by civilian medical insurance. Like, more than usual.
18. You think the term “permanent address” is an oxymoron.
19. You’ve felt “the itch”.
20. You have actually moved to a new place because of “the itch”.
21. You’ve gotten on a hop after waiting hours on a space-A.
22. You know what #21 means.
23. The biggest culture shock wasn’t moving to a different country, but having to live off base.
24.  You never really finish unpacking. Honestly, what’s the point?

What say you, fellow military brats? Have anything to add?

Hilarious Political Signs

Hey all. I suck at words again today (I’ve been watching so much Battlestar Galactica that it has literally rendered me unable to write about anything BUT that right now–stay tuned for tomorrow’s Current Obsession post), so here are some funny signs spotted at political protests and gatherings. (Nothing too partisan, I promise, although I think it’s obvious from the first pic that I wasn’t exactly crushed by Obama’s recent victory.) Enjoy!