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Let’s Try This Again

Since 2012, I’ve been writing a sentence a day on an index card summing up what I did that day so I can look back on it later and go, “Oh yeah! That! I remember that!” It’s like a low tech TimeHop. I had been doing a pretty good job with this until 2015.

2015 just didn’t get logged. It was a big year for me; a few triumphs, a few losses, but none of it really got written down. (At least not on those index cards.)

I realized as 2016 got underway that I missed being able to look back as I go forward. I know the prevailing wisdom now is to concern yourself only with being present or “mindful” and to only look forward, but as a history wonk, I find that uninspired. I like to be able to write down what I did that day, look back at what I did on past days, and see how far I’ve come.

Everything new becomes status quo so quickly, and I want to remind myself constantly of how much change is possible in such a relatively short amount of time.

Anyway, on that note, I’m going to give this blogging thing another go. At least a little bit. Haven’t decided yet if there’s going to be a theme or if it’s just going to be rambling, but I’d rather it be here than not.

Either way, I’ll keep you posted.

Happy 2016, everybody.

Tentative Revival

Hello all,

After much futzing around with WordPress and a lot of soul searching and general ho-humming about blogging in general, I have decided to revive Blog No. 42, not as a standalone, but as a subset of The old is still out there for now, but it will not be updated any longer. The new address is

It is my intention to begin posting here again with at least some semblance of regularity, although only time will tell if this is a thing I can make happen while working on my other personal and professional projects (of which there are many–I decided to take two summer classes again this year like the nimrod I am).

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New Priorities

Hey all.

It looks like this blog might be going on hiatus for a teeny bit (cue the “how is that any different from your NORMAL posting schedule, Jenn??” jokes).

No, but really. I thought I would have MORE time after my boyfriend moved across the country for grad school and I stopped watching QUITE so many back episodes of “Law and Order: SVU”, but between my gaming groups and my two online classes this semester (also chiropractor appointments…and Zumba…and I actually have to go to the grocery store MYSELF now) it looks like I just won’t have a whole lot in the way of blogging time.

However, all is not lost. I have been told that the best way to learn a new skill (as I’m trying to do right now with my online classes) is to blog about it, so if you want to hear all about my foibles and check out some truly hilarious dry erase notes on programming and web development, check out my Tumblr page What Am Coding?

Also, my birthday is tomorrow. /throws confetti

Sweet Sriracha, That’s Old News

So I finally took a good long look at my blog and I realized that my bio is waaaa-heeey-haaaaaay out of date. I’ve updated it for current relevance, although I’m going to have to update it for age in less than a month. Oh well. Nothing gold can stay, as they say. (Well, if “they” = “Robert Frost”.)

Oh, scratch that, I took that part out anyway. Now it will stay FOREVER as currently is. (Or, you know, not. But I expect it’ll stay that way for awhile since I’m mad lazy.)

Speaking of old news, I’ve started playing my ukulele again in earnest, so if anyone has any awesome song suggestions, I would welcome the practice/challenge of learning new and totally inappropriate-for-the-ukulele songs. (My last one was “Chocolate Jesus” by Tom Waits. Yeah.)

I am also looking to downsize my stuff most mightily in the next few months in preparation for my inevitable apartment downgrade in December/January, so if you know anyone who might want some smaller (or larger) furniture items, craft supplies, or multimedia accouterments in the Pittsburgh area, send them my way. (Also, if anyone you know needs a roommate around the end of the year…yo.)

I really like to end paragraphs with parenthetical sentences, it seems. I’ll need to work on that. (Or not.)