Picture of Jenn Scott

Jenn Scott is a digital marketing manager in Pittsburgh, PA, and has won several industry awards for her work in social media for higher education. She moved to Pittsburgh in late 2011 and has straight up fallen in love with the place.

She has been, at various turns, a jewelry maker, a painter, a pen and ink illustrator and hand letterer, a crocheter, an embroiderer, a web graphic designer, a collage artist, a DIY crafter, a zinester, and a Japanese calligrapher, depending on the year and the season. Her middle name is not “dabbler”. It’s “Michelle”.

Her work has been shown at the Sleeth Gallery in Buckhannon, WV and at the annual Art All Night show in Pittsburgh, PA.

You can find her across the internet by putting “helloimjennsco” into a Google search, because typing “Jenn Scott” or “Jennifer Scott” is an exercise in futility. There are A LOT of Jennifer Scott’s out there, and a lot of them are doing cooler stuff than her.

In her down time, she likes arts and crafts-ing with friends, spending too much time on tumblr, hoarding stationery and pens like some kind of Tolkien-style dragon, exploring Pittsburgh and parts beyond, and playing tabletop RPGs of various flavors.

She also really hates writing in third person, but all of her other attempts at writing an About page sounded hella stupid when written in the first person.